Suggestions and complaints

The purpose of dealing with proposals and complaints is to collect feedback, improve the quality of the institution’s services and ensure the satisfaction of customers, their loved ones, legal representatives, cooperation partners and visitors.

Settlement of proposals and complaints

  • All clients of the institution, their legal representatives, loved ones, cooperation partners and visitors have the right to submit proposals and complaints.
  • Proposals and complaints can only be submitted in writing.
  • A written complaint form or proposal can be sent to the e-mail, sent to the address Üksnurme tee 8, Saku Harju county 75501 or forwarded to the chairman of the management board of the institution, if desired also to a specialist.
  • A complaint can only be submitted orally to an immediate specialist and provided that a written complaint is not needed, and the problem is resolved immediately and does not require further handling.
  • Oral complaints are not registered.
  • For a form for submitting written proposals and complaints, contact the service provider.
  • All written submissions and complaints shall be answered within a reasonable time, but not later than 30 days after the registration of the proposal or complaint, in a manner convenient for the petitioner.
  • Written proposals and complaints shall be processed by the Chairman of the Management Board or a person appointed by the Chairman of the Management Board, involving the persons concerned.
  • Once a quarter, the Chairman of the Management Board shall make a brief summary of the complaints that have occurred and the resolution of the complaints at the general meeting.
  • All complaints submitted are collected in the complaints folder after registration.
  • The complaints folder is located in the room reserved for storing documents.
  • Proposals and complaints shall be taken into account in the planning and organizing of the centers work.

Anonymous proposals and complaints are not registered or processed in accordance with the general procedure. If the proposal or complaint is understandable and justified, it is given to the relevant specialist for examination and consideration.


Complaints can be submitted by writing or by filling in the complaints form on the spot. If the complaint is not resolved within Marena Tugikeskus OÜ, the customer has the right to turn to the Social Insurance Board.